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Sanitary Pumps & Packages

Sanitary Pumping Solutions


C.H. Reed delivers reliable and efficient solutions for high volume transfer and dispense processes. Sanitary pumps and packages are ideal in a wide range of food-related, dairy, beverage, and personal care applications. From cosmetics and shampoo to fudge and molasses, C. H. Reed’s integrated solutions move any type of material quickly and safely.

We carry an assortment of sanitary pumps from the following manufacturers:

Graco Sanitary Pumps

Graco has been producing expertly engineered fluid handling equipment for nearly 100 years. Graco sanitary pumps continue to set the standard for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, personal care products manufacturing and many others.

ARO Sanitary Pumps

ARO sanitary pumps combine exceptional quality with safety to meet the requirements of FDA-compliant manufacturing operations. They also deliver superior performance to ensure low long-term ownership costs.


saniforce diaphragm pumps

Sanitary Double Diaphragm Pumps

Food grade double diaphragm pumps can transfer low-to-medium viscosity products ranging from jams and sauces to starches and fruit juices. The pumps’ fluid contact materials also comply with all applicable FDA regulations, including the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 21. They’re also designed for continuous use in the most rigorous work environments to ensure maximum uptime and productivity. We offer both air-operated and electric double diaphragm pump solutions for all of your food grade, transfer applications.

Sanitary Bin and Drum Unloadersgraco sanitary saniforce 515 drum siphon

Our selection of food bin and drum unloaders are perfect for evacuating medium-to-high-viscosity materials from 55-gallon to 300-gallon drums. They include an inflatable seal that provides a secure fit, offering an evacuation rate approaching 100 percent. They also include an array of built-in features that protect food materials against contamination. Pumps are available in various configurations to meet your manufacturing process’s technical requirements.

Sanitary Piston Pumps

These food-grade sanitary pumps can deliver fluid pressures of up to 1,200 psi, ensuring a fast, easy transfer of food and liquid materials of varying viscosities. Choose from three different pump lengths to match a wide range of container sizes. The innovative quick knockdown design makes the pumps simple to clean and offers the benefit of portability. The 300 series stainless steel construction ensures a high level of sanitation and long-lasting service.

Electric Drum Pumps

Electric drum pumps allow the smooth, quick transferring of low-, medium- and high-viscosity materials for food, beverage, and personal care products. They feature high-performance, variable-speed electric motors that will enable you to adapt the pump’s operation to your applications. They’re also simple to clean, which saves time and labor and makes it easier to meet hygiene standards. These sanitary pumps are even versatile — use them with drums, totes or kettles.graco hydraclean pneumatic cart

Sanitary Pneumatic Pressure Washers

Designed for your heavy-duty surface cleaning and spraying tasks, these pressure washers include powerful pumps and lightweight yet durable heavy-gauge aluminum frames. Since it’s equipped with wheels, you can easily transport your sanitary pneumatic pressure washer around your facility. These washers also feature industrial-grade engines that can handle the rigors of frequent use. Choose from belt-drive and direct-drive options.

C.H. Reed Offers Sanitary Pumps to Companies Throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region

With more than 70 years of expertise, C.H. Reed is a company you can trust to meet all your sanitary pump needs. With facilities in Hanover, MiltonPittsburgh, and Erie, PA, as well as Cleveland, OH, we can also provide timely repair and maintenance service — we can even refurbish your existing pumping equipment and restore it to like-new condition.

If you are a food and beverage manufacturer located in PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, OH, or Southern NY, contact us for more information and a no-obligation sanitary pump quote today.

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