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Air Compressor Fittings

It takes a variety of parts to keep compressed air equipment operating at peak efficiency, including the hoses that channel the air through the system and the fittings that connect the piping. These small parts play a significant role in the performance of your system, which makes choosing high-quality products a necessity.

C.H. Reed carries a wide selection of air hoses, reels and fittings from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We also have the expertise to help you choose the right parts for your compressed air equipment and the service capabilities to ensure they function correctly. We've been helping companies in numerous industries meet their compressed air requirements since 1948.

Air Compressor Hoses

The material is one factor to consider when selecting an air compressor hose. For example, a PVC hose is the most economical choice, and it's also durable and abrasion-resistant. A polyurethane hose is lighter and provides more flexibility.

You'll also need to choose the right hose length (most companies go with 100 feet, although 50-foot units are also available) and diameter (1/4 and 3/8-inch are the most common). We offer multiple air compressor hose options, and we'll help you select the right size and material for your applications.

Air Compressor Connectors & Compressor Pipe Fittings

Compressed air fittings and couplers can wear out and need replacing to maintain the proper piping connectivity. Couplings and other connectors follow the NPT fitting standard — choosing parts that comply with the standard will ensure they're compatible with your system's existing fittings and couplings. We carry high-quality fittings you can trust to use with your compressed air equipment, and we can also help you choose the ideal product based on criteria such as pipe size, threads per inch and outside pipe diameter.


C.H. Reed can also provide reliable, durable reels for your air compressor hoses. We feature products from Coxreels, a leading manufacturer of quality hose reels for more than 90 years. Coxreels designs its equipment to withstand the rigors of the most demanding working environments in industries ranging from pest control to automotive and transportation. We carry a wide assortment of reels, and we'll be happy to help you make the ideal match for your industry and specific applications.

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C.H. Reed has convenient locations in Hanover, PA, Erie, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Milton, PA and Cleveland, OH. Besides selling all types of air compressor hoses, fittings and reels at our locations, we can also provide prompt, reliable repair and maintenance services to companies throughout PA, OH, MD, DE, WV and VA. We'll do whatever it takes to optimize your equipment's performance and maximize its lifespan.

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At C.H. Reed, we'll be happy to help you learn more about our air compressor fittings inventory and guide you through the selection process. Feel free to contact us to request additional information or to schedule a service appointment today.

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