What You Need to Know About Air-Powered Pressure Washers

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June 24, 2014

What You Need to Know About Air-Powered Pressure Washers


Pressure washers are great solutions for your average cleaning applications, but what tool do you turn to for your more challenging applications?  There are many instances where it is simply impossible to use a traditional pressure washer efficiently and effectively.  In these cases, a pneumatic, air-driven pressure washer may be the way to go.

Pressure washers enable you to perform a wide range of cleaning applications quickly, efficiently and safely. An air-powered pressure washer is an enhanced version of this equipment type that delivers superior results for your more challenging projects.

What Is an Air Pressure Washer?

Air-powered pressure washers, also known as pneumatic washers, use a combination of shop air and water to generate a high-volume water jet. This process eliminates the need for gas or electricity to create the desired pressure. Instead, an air-driven motor operates a pump that can produce significant cleaning force.

These pressure washers feature a specially designed inlet that connects to a compressed air supply and a fitting for drawing water. Use them to remove dirt, grease, grime and other deposited materials from large industrial machinery and equipment, vehicles and other objects that offer substantial cleaning challenges.

Air Pressure Washers vs. Other Pressure Washers

An electric-powered unit is another common type of pressure washer. Unlike air-powered versions, these models require a connection to an electricity supply to operate, making them impractical for outdoor use. Additionally, they can be more expensive to run, especially during long-term cleaning projects.

You can also opt for a gas-powered pressure washer. While these units deliver more cleaning force than their electric counterparts, you can’t use them indoors due to the exhaust emissions. Air pressure washers don’t have this drawback and provide ample power for most heavy-duty debris removal projects.

Graco HydraClean air Pressure Washer

What Are the Benefits of Air Pressure Washers?

Air-powered pressure washers offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Flexible: You can use these machines in confined areas or hazardous locations that are inaccessible or off-limits to electric or gas equipment. They’re also the best choice for many other applications and have multiple capabilities.
  • Portable: The pneumatic pressure washer’s lightweight design and construction make it easy to transport the unit from one location to another.
  • Economical: Not relying on fuel or electricity to operate air-powered pressure washers can lower equipment operating costs. Not to mention, air-driven motors only run when the gun is triggered, eliminating the need for a pump to run on a bypass mode.
  • Quiet: This equipment generates less noise than gas-powered versions, enabling you to use it indoors or near office environments.
  • Convenient: Air-powered pressure washers do not generate toxic emissions and therefore can be used in the immediate vicinity of the end user to get in tight spaces.
  • Sanitary: Pneumatic air pressure washers are known for their safe design and clean operation, making them the only choice for sanitary environments.
  • Tough: Unlike traditional models, stainless steel air-powered pressure washers can handle a wide range of chemicals and heated cleaning solutions up to 200°F.
  • Customizable: Every application is different, which is why it is advantageous to have a portable pressure washer that can be mounted on a fixture.  Air-driven pressure washers are capable of functioning in a variety of configurations.

Air-Powered Pressure Washer Applications

The following applications need air pressure washers for their cleaning operations:

  • Underground mining
  • Gas drilling
  • Spray finishing
  • Chemical
  • Other hazardous industries
  • Healthcare
  • Food processing
  • Other wash down or sanitary environments
  • Nontoxic environments
  • High-temperature environments

C.H. Reed Can Meet Your Air Pressure Washer Needs

C.H. Reed is your one-stop headquarters for high-performing Graco Hydra-Clean® pressure washers and other industrial solutions. These deft air-driven pressure washers can handle your most challenging cleaning applications. We can also help with all of your equipment repair and maintenance needs.

Contact us for more product information or to schedule service today.

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By Clinton Shaffer

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What You Need to Know About Air-Powered Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are great solutions for your average cleaning applications, but what tool do you turn to for your more challenging applications?  There are many instances where it is simply impossible to use a traditional…