What You Need to Know About Air-Powered Pressure Washers

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June 24, 2014

What You Need to Know About Air-Powered Pressure Washers


Graco HydraClean Pressure WasherPressure washers are great solutions for your average cleaning applications, but what tool do you turn to for your more challenging applications?  There are many instances where it is simply impossible to use a traditional pressure washer efficiently and effectively.  In these cases, a pneumatic, air-driven pressure washer may be the way to go:

  • Confined Work Areas — Fuel-fired pressure washers generate hazardous toxic emissions and must be located outside of confined work spaces.  This practice becomes cumbersome and costly, as these applications then require a long hose run or air-supplied personal protection gear for the operators.  Pneumatic motors, on the other hand, generate no toxic emissions and can be used in the immediate vicinity of the end user.
  • Hazardous Locations — It is ill-advised to run electric or fuel-fired units in areas that are already hazardous.  Air-motors are inherently safe and designed for use in hazardous locations, making them ideal for dangerous applications like underground mining, gas drilling and spray finishing.
  • Sanitary Applications — Sanitary applications significantly limit your options when it comes to pressure washer configurations.  This is because fuel-fired machines cannot be used around sanitary areas and electrical units are dangerous in wash down environments.  Air-powered pressure washers are ideal for sanitary applications because of their safe design and clean operation.

Aside from these scenarios, air-driven pressure washers have additional advantages over traditional fuel and electric powered units:

  • Work On-Demand — Air-driven motors only run when the gun is triggered.  The motor stalls when the gun is closed, eliminating the need for a pump to run on a bypass mode.
  • Suction Lift Capabilities — In addition to their cleaning functions, air-driven pressure washers can be used to siphon out a drum pail.  They can also be pressure-fed if desired.
  • Diverse Applications — Unlike the traditional models, a stainless steel air-powered pressure washer can handle a wide range of chemicals along with heated cleaning solutions of up to 200°F.
  • Customizable — Every application is different, which is why it is advantageous to have a portable pressure washer that can be mounted on a fixture.  Air-driven pressure washers are easily transportable and capable of functioning in a variety of configurations.

C. H. Reed offers a comprehensive range of industrial solutions, including the Graco Hydra-Clean Pressure Washer, which is an air-powered pressure washer capable of handling a diverse assortment of applications.  Please leave your feedback below or contact us directly if you have any questions or comments.

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