4 Big Data Trends in Manufacturing

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May 15, 2018

4 Big Data Trends in Manufacturing


Big data trends in manufacturing

Simply put, big data and advanced analytics refer to statistics and other mathematical tools that are used to assess and improve business practices. Manufacturers around the world use big data and advanced analytics to streamline production efficiencies, increase yields, and reduce costs. These days, many manufacturers have an abundance of operational data. If used correctly, they can find core determinants of their process performance and take action for continuous improvement.

4 big data trends driving manufacturing into the future:

1. Production Quality:
Big data allows companies to leverage Lean and SixSigma Programs that help reduce waste and variability in production processes. Producing multifaceted products like chemicals or pharmaceuticals can have broad ranges of variations accounting for the amount of complexities involved. By using big data and advanced analytics, manufacturers can examine key performance indicators that affect overall production quality.

2. Demand Forecasts:
Many produced goods have seasonal demands. Big data has made estimating quantity of raw materials demanded (according to different variables like export and import rates, availability of resources, government initiatives, etc.) more precise so manufacturers can produce products in anticipation of demands; leading to price stability and continuous growth.

3. Enhanced Customer Service:
Analyzing market trends and customer demands from collected data can result in an enhanced experience for customers.

4. Plant Performance:
Typical manufacturing plants have multiple areas or machinery that work in harmony to produce goods. With big data, manufacturers can intelligently identify any issue-causing areas that are affecting plant performance and make necessary restitutions before the issues becomes too serious; avoiding costly downtown and production inefficiencies.

Big Data Example: Intelligent Paint Kitchens

Intelligent Paint Kitchens

Graco, an industry leading paint spray and fluid handling provider, has a complete solution with built-in remote monitoring and control for the entire paint room of a manufacturing facility. An intelligent paint kitchen helps you greatly reduce expenses and closely monitor your painting operation; providing real-time system analytics and data. You can now remotely monitor and control key parameters like pressures, flow rates, tank levels, and agitator speeds to quickly ensure your paint system is operating at peak efficiency.

Upgrading your painting process to an intelligent paint kitchen has many benefits:

• Visibility: Real-time access to key circulation system data from outside the paint kitchen.
• Increased Energy Efficiencies: Compared to pneumatic pumps, electric pumps and agitators are up to 5x more energy efficient with greater control.
• Scalability: You can start with and electric pump and monitor then gradually add components and customize your paint system to your application.
• Cost Effective: Inexpensive alternative for advanced monitoring and control compared to traditional, custom built systems.

To learn more about how big data is transforming manufacturing industries and how you can take advantage of advanced industrial technologies like Graco’s Intelligent Paint Kitchen, contact C.H. Reed today.



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