Material Handling & Ergonomics

Effective material handling and ergonomic equipment can greatly lower the physical demands of any kind of task, thereby lowering the incidence and severity of injuries in the workplace.  The potential for reducing injuries alone make material handling and ergonomic equipment a useful tool for improving productivity and product quality.

Ingersoll Rand / Zimmerman

For almost a century, Ingersoll Rand has been serving the material handling needs of industries around the world.  By using Ingersoll Rand solutions for your material handling and lifting needs, you can expect ergonomic practices that improve operator performance and avoid labor downtime due to health or safety issues in using automation.


Ergonomically designed work systems enhance operator safety, effectiveness, and efficiency, improve working and living conditions, and counteract adverse effects on human health and performance.  See how C.H. Reed can improve your plant’s process with Desoutter ergonomics.


GCI designs and manufactures custom industrial manipulators, assembly fixtures, torque reaction systems, and material handling equipment for use in a wide variety of manufacturing and assembly needs.

Kundel Cranes

C. H Reed Proudly partners with Kundel Cranes to provide a broad range of ergonomic solutions and the most advanced Overhead Crane and Jib Crane products in the industries.

Presto Lifts

Since 1944, Presto Lifts has been engineering precision hydraulic equipment that improves safety and productivity in the industrial workplace.  All Presto Products are put through a rigorous 110% testing before shipping to customers.  This ensures that the highest quality standards are met.


Anver designs and builds a full range of vacuum system components ranging from suction and vacuum cups, air, mechanical and electric vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, ergonomic vacuum lifters, and complete vacuum lifting systems.

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Employees are the most important assets of any company. Protecting these individuals from job related health issues is critical. To help its customers face the challenges surrounding material handling & ergonomics, AIMCO focuses on providing products that combine a lack of torque reaction, low vibration, light weight, as well as quiet and simple operation. These features allow assemblers to do their job in the safest possible manner and help manufacturers avoid the often hidden costs of workplace injuries.

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Factors when Considering Ergonomic Solutions and Tools

  • Is the consideration of ergonomic change aimed towards short term, long term or both?
  • Deciding whether to stay with traditional tools/methods or opt for new ergonomic solutions?
  • Will workers be able to welcome and adapt to the new ergonomic tools and solutions or are more traditional and prefer old ways?
  • Does the cost justify the possible benefits of the new ergonomic solutions?
  • Low torque reaction

After making the decision, you have to choose the correct ergonomic solutions and tools for the job and the user. It should reduce the physical stresses on the user and improve overall efficiency of work processes and flows.

Ergonomic Solutions and Tools