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For decades, C.H. Reed has been an industrial distribution leader when it comes to solutions and services for compressed air systems, paint finishing, industrial coatings, and fluid handling (pumping) equipment. We have helped thousands of manufacturers and businesses throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and southern New York reduce their maintenance spend, safeguard their equipment’s reliability, and increase energy efficiencies with their compressed air and paint finishing systems. As we continue to grow, we are excited to expand into the Toledo, OH market and work with Toledo-area businesses to help them meet their goals.

C.H. Reed Toledo Branch

Toledo, OH, Air Compressor Solutions

If you’re a business in Toledo, OH and you rely on compressed air for the production of your products, then you need a compressed air partner that understands the importance of a reliable, redundant, and efficient compressed air system. As Toledo’s only “True Blue” Quincy Compressor distribution and service center, we can help you identify cost-saving opportunities in your system, regardless of size or brand. With knowledge and experience in all types of air compressors and equipment (rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal, oil-free, vacuum pumps, air dryers & air treatment equipment, just to name a few), we’ll work with you to thoroughly understand your business, provide industry-specific insight, and tailor impactful solutions for your strategic needs.

Toledo, OH, Paint Finishing and Fluid Handling Solutions

With industry-leading partners like Graco, Binks, Ransburg, and Devilbiss, our paint Finishing and Fluid Handling Group combines modern technologies and creative concepts to address the many process challenges faced by today’s manufacturers. Whether it’s keeping up with ever-changing environmental regulations, reducing VOCs and waste streams, increasing paint transfer efficiencies, or safely and efficiently moving (pumping) fluid of all viscosities throughout your plant; C.H. Reed can help you reach your goals.

About Our Equipment and Service Solutions

One reason why many industrial clients choose our services is that we've helped manufacturers in all industries reach their goals and achieve new production efficiencies since 1948. We developed a three-pronged approach in-house called the 3E Initiative. It aims to improve three primary areas of manufacturing plants — Energy, Environment, and Ergonomics.

Here are some helpful details about our Toledo, OH, air compressor solutions and paint finishing services.

Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance for your air compressor is an essential part of prolonging its lifespan and enjoying reliable performance. It involves practices performed at regular intervals to avoid problems. However, it's also well worth considering implementing a preventative approach, too. It's more comprehensive and identifies issues before they cause noticeable symptoms.

Then, you can book fewer Toledo air compressor repair appointments. Preventative maintenance appointments make it more likely that a technician will spot a problem and address it before the matter causes a shutdown.

Besides minimizing issues requiring you to rely on air compressor repair services in Toledo, preventative maintenance is a way to lower your energy costs. An air compressor kept in good condition runs smoother and more efficiently while using less electricity.

Leak Detection

Perhaps you've heard the distinctive hiss of air escaping from a compressor's line or strongly suspect a leak exists without hearing it. In those cases, the problem could become extremely costly if left unaddressed.

A technician from C.H. Reed can perform an ultrasonic leak detection analysis. This involves using directional microphones, audio filters, and amplifiers to find the source, even in loud environments.

Toledo Finishing Services for Industrial Painting

C.H. Reed's paint finishing experts can help you tackle many of the process challenges that may hinder output or cause frustrations in your facility. Whether you want to increase paint transfer efficiency and reduce material waste or stay on top of environmental regulations, our experienced team can help you with all of these action items and more.

Consider our field training exercises, which we offer to in-plant personnel. We can analyze the products your employees use and their workflows, and then provide tailored guidance to help them improve while adhering to industry best practices. Your employees get information in a lecture format, then visit a controlled environment to apply what they learned as we supervise and provide valuable feedback.

We can also assist you if you're ready to make a purchase from a reputable provider of new finishing equipment in Toledo. Since we provide finishing equipment in Toledo as well as repair services as needed, we're a one-stop option to improve your outcomes.

Why Partner With Us?

Our goal is to give you value-filled experiences that directly align with your existing initiatives and future aspirations. Our core competencies explore your needs first rather than capitalizing on the products we sell. Once we take the time to learn about your industry and the requirements you face, we're in the best position to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our new branch is located at 7820 Ponderosa Rd, Unit E, Perrysburg, OH 43551. From this location, we can offer sales and service support to all Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan counties. We look forward to working with Toledo-area manufacturers and businesses! Eliminate guess-work; contact C.H. Reed to meet your compressed air, paint finishing, & fluid handling goals.

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