Carbicote Strippable Spray Booth Coatings

Excess accumulation of overspray buildup is a major cause of fires in spray booths.  Carbit Coatings and C.H. Reed have a solution to prevent this from happening to you.  Carbit’s Carbicote is a temporary, strippable coating that is applied to your booth’s walls, floors, and lights and is meant to be periodically peeled, thereby removing the buildup from your booth.   Once peeled and removed, simply apply another coat and continue to repeat the process as needed.  Aside from the enhanced safety features, your spray booth will also turn bright white, increasing visibility for your painters and, in the end, your overall finish quality.

To learn more about Carbicote Strippable Coatings specific to your booth and application, contact C.H. Reed to speak with a Technical Support Representative and take the necessary steps to make your facility as safe as possible for your employees.