Quincy Vacuum Compressors

Quincy Vacuum Compressors incorporate all of the features of rotary screw compressors with the advanced features that you would expect from Quincy Compressor. While every Quincy Vacuum pump is designed to deliver the most acfm per brake hp, Quincy’s unique modulation valve delivers full flow capabilities from zero to ultimate vacuum. This ensures optimum efficiency and consistent performance, not to mention the fast draw - down time.

Quincy QSV Series Variable Speed Vacuum Pumps 7.5 – 50 HP

Quincy QSV Series Variable Speed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps (7.5 – 50 HP). Industrial vacuum applications require extremely dependent and efficient vacuum pumps that can endure the vigorous pressures on intense working environments.  The Quincy QSV Series Variable Speed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump is engineered to do just that.  On top of reliability, Quincy’s variable speed drive allows for superior energy efficiencies (50% average savings) compared to fixed speed vacuum pumps.  Typical applications of the QSV include holding & lifting, forming & shaping, preserving applications, and clean environment essentials.  With the robust, quality parts, long lasting components, a 10 year Royal Blue Warranty, and significant energy savings, The Quincy QSV Series has undoubtedly set the standard for industrial vacuum technologies for years to come.  To learn more about this unit and your specific process, contact C.H. Reed today.


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Quincy QV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

The Quincy QV rotary vane vacuum pumps are designed for industrial applications that demand high capacity and deep vacuum levels. The Quincy QV meets the most demanding vacuum requirements, while providing superior performance in a compact, quiet package.


  • Thirteen models to choose from
  • All units are direct drive and air-cooled
  • Completely packaged system – Place and install
  • 1-Year standard warranty

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Quincy QV

Quincy QSVI Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps 25-200 HP

The Quincy QSVI vacuum is available with air or water cooling and each of the six models is equipped with a fluid pump to ensure positive fluid flow to the rotors and bearing assemblies, plus a removable filter removes particulates and debris. The Quincy QSVI pump can be set to run continuously or on a start / stop basis and with the Demand – a – matic control option, you can control two, three or four units on a rotating lead / lag basis, while a programmable timer ensures optimum cycling of the pumps.


  • Eight models to choose from
  • 365 ACM to 3,000 ACFM
  • All units are direct drive and air-cooled
  • Completely packaged system

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Quincy QSVI

Quincy QSVB Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps Belt Drive 7.5-25 HP

The Quincy QSVB offers a total vacuum package complete with modulating inlet valve, control panel, electrical enclosure, gauges, and exhaust separation system. The Quincy QSVB has been designed so that no sealing water is required, which results in a substantial savings on water and sewer charges while consuming less overall power.


  • Five Models to Choose From
  • 155 ACFM to 371 ASFM
  • All units are belt drive and standard air-cooled
  • Completely packaged systems

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Quincy QSVB