Finishing & Fluid Handling Group

The Finishing & Fluid Handling Group at C. H. Reed provides a wide assortment of sustainable solutions pertaining to your Finishing & Fluid Handling  system needs. Providing complete system analysis, .C H. Reed can help you stay ahead of production demands.

Paint Application Equipment

Optimize your spray performance while addressing environmental concerns by partnering with C.H. Reed for all your finishing needs.  Whether you’re looking for conventional, electrostatic, or different kinds of spray packages, C.H. Reed has the paint application equipment you need for the finest finishing qualities.

Fluid Dispense and Process Pumps

From Double Diaphragm pumps, to cleaning packages, hose pumps, and piston pumps, C.H. Reed has the fluid dispense and process equipment to exceed user expectations.

Sanitary Pumps & Packages

C.H. Reed delivers reliable and efficient solutions for high volume transfer and dispense processes. Sanitary pumps and packages are ideal in a wide range of food related, dairy, beverage, and personal care applications.

Plural Component Proportioning & Metering Equipment

C.H. Reed makes two-component spraying easy and more affordable.  Whether you’re spraying high-solids or epoxies, C.H. Reed has the plural component proportioning and metering equipment solutions to meet your high performance coatings needs.

Protective Coating Application Equipment

Whether you’re applying multiple-component coatings, transferring liquids, or fighting off corrosion and rust, C.H. Reed has the high performance protective coating application equipment to get the job done right. Eliminate guess work and contact us today.

Powder Coating Equipment

Gain unprecedented control and functionality in your powder coating process by contacting us today.  Powder coating equipment from C.H. Reed provides reliable, repeatable coating performance with maximum efficiency and unsurpassed operator control.

Spray Booths, Ovens, Engineered & Integrated Systems

From powder cartridge and paint booths, to one-of-a-kind engineered overhead conveyor systems, C.H. Reed has the solution to keep your assembly line operating like clockwork, 24/7, 365 days a year.  Contact us today about your spray booth, oven, and engineered system needs.

Finishing Accessories

Spray booth filters, hoses & fittings, pressure pots / pressure tank agitators, respiratory & safety equipment, and solvent recyclers are just a few of the finishing accessories C.H. Reed offers to meet and exceed your plant’s finishing goals. Contact us today to learn more about our finishing accessories.