Carbit Coating Solutions

Carbit Coating Solutions develops state of the art, strippable spray booth coatings for the industrial and commercial marketplace.  Whether it's a custom job, application assistance, or environmental regulation support, C.H. Reed and Carbit can provide advanced coating solutions that will help protect your booth's walls, floors, and lights.

Carbicote Strippable Coatings

Since 1989, manufacturers have been using Carbit’s Carbicote Strippable Coatings to protect their spray booths from the fire hazard of overspray accumulation.  Whether it is for your spray booth’s walls, lights, or floors, Carbicote can be applied (sprayed or rolled) and can easily be removed without causing damage to the underlying substrate.  Aside from superior protection, your booth will also turn bright white, increasing visibility and overall product quality.   Check out the brochure below to learn more and contact C.H. Reed today!

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