C. H. Reed integrates and services Graco’s complete line of sanitary pumps. Recognized for over 75 years for their innovation, quality, design and durability, Graco pumps efficiently and ergonomically transfer sanitary materials from a broad range of viscosities. From cosmetics and shampoo to fudge and molasses, C. H. Reed’s integrated solutions move any type of material quickly and safely. With flow rates of up to 25% faster than many competitive pumps, our solutions dramatically increase efficiency by moving material faster and minimizing residual waste. Easy serviceability and long-lasting durability also ensure that our customers spend less time offline, reducing cost of ownership and improving their bottom line.

Graco SaniForce FDA Sanitary Pumps

Graco’s sanitary FDA diaphragm pumps are reliable and efficient solutions for food, personal care and pharmaceutical high volume transfer and dispense applications. With seals, balls and diaphragms available in a wide range of food grade elastomers, the Graco FDA sanitary pumps are ideal for food-related applications requiring high flow rates.
Design Features

  • Clamped design for quick cleaning
  • Patented dual cup air valve offering top-tier reliability and 100% external serviceability
  • Long-lasting 300 Series stainless steel design for long life and corrosion resistance
  • 1”, 1.5”, 2″ Sanitary Series FDA pumps use common center sections to reduce inventory
  • Available in 1/2” through 2” capacity pumps
  • All fluid contact materials are FDA-compliant and meet the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21
  • Covered by Graco’s 5/15 year warranty

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Graco SaniForce Quick Knock Down Pumps

The Graco Quick Knock Down Pumps were designed to meet the reliability and functional requirements for low, medium and high volume food and pharmaceutical applications. These pumps are ideal for applications requiring high sanitization or 3A certified designs.
Design Features

  • Available in 90GPM and 150GPM models
  • Available in ball (3150 3A or SB) and flapper (3150 SF) designs, easily converting from one to the other with an optional kit
  • Stainless steel fluid ends, meet or exceed a 32 Ra finish and can be disassembled in 5 minutes or less
  • Available with Buna-N, Santoprene, Viton and PTFE food grade elastomers
  • Available with PTFE and EPDM overmolded design diaphragms
  • Husky 3150 3A available with 1.5″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ Tri-Clamp connections
  • Electronic leak detector is available for all models and comes standard on the 3A pump
  • All models covered by Graco’s 5/15 year warranty

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Graco SaniForce Air-Operated Piston Pumps

Graco’s Sanitary Piston Pumps are versatile, on-demand solutions optimized for fluid transfer and supply of semi-viscous to viscous materials. They are ideal for food related, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications and are available in drum, bin and stubby lengths.

Design Features

  • Flow rates up to 14.0 GPM (15.1 LPM)
  • Available in double-ball and priming piston designs
  • Fluid outlet pressures of up to 1000 psi (70 bar, 7 MPa)
  • 316 stainless steel wetted construction
  • Models include the Saniforce 5:1, 6:1 and 12:1 Ratio Units

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Graco SaniForce 2:1 Sanitary Piston Pump

Graco’s SaniForce 2:1 Sanitary Piston Pump is an extremely portable, quick-knockdown sanitary piston pump for food and personal care applications. It utilizes proven Graco air-motor technology to easily transfer low to medium viscosity materials up to 50,000 cps out of drums and totes. Common applications include fruit juice concentrates, creamy candy fillings, ice cream variegate and cosmetics.

Design Features

  • Flow rates range from 1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) at 60 CPM to 2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM) at 100 CPM
  • Very portable, weighing 24 lb. (10.8 kg) at drum length and 26 lb. (11.7 kg) at tote length
  • Quick disconnect clamps for easy disassembly
  • Fluid transfer and supply of materials up to 50,000 cps
  • Removable, wash-down-safe, FDA-compliant shroud for easy access to air valve
  • Simple knuckle joint design for easy removal of air motor
  • Pump fits through standard bung hole
  • FDA-compliant bung adapter accessory available for easy mounting

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Graco SaniForce BES Bin Unloaders

The BES Bin Unloader efficiently unloads moderately flow-able to non-flowing fluids from 300 gallon “bag-in-bin” containers without dilution. This solution vastly improves the ergonomics and efficiency of a system by eliminating manual scooping or bin dumping and minimizing residual waste. The typical materials handled by the BES include tomato paste, light peanut butter, heavier ointments, icings and frostings. BES Bin Unloaders are available with either electronic or manual control options.

See how the BES Bin Unloader works here.

Design Features

  • Available in two or four pump configurations
  • Pumps, cylinders and ram plates are 316 SST
  • Available with piston or diaphragm pump configurations to handle a wide range of material and viscosities
  • Equipped with inflatable wiper seals for increased efficiency, less residual waste and faster bin change out
  • Unique floating ram plate eliminates the need for exact positioning of bin under ram plate
  • Evacuation rates with standard 2 pump systems range from 28 GPM to 200 GPM

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Graco SaniForce Drum Unloader

The SaniForce Drum Unloader is capable of unloading medium to high viscosity products from their original 55 gallon containers in less than five minutes without dilution. The inflatable wiper seals increase efficiency by eliminating product waste and accelerating the container change-out rate. They also feature a one-size follower plate and seal to accommodate standard and tapered drums.

See how the Drum Unloader works here.

Design Features

  • Evacuation rates of up to 100 GPM running at 100 cycles per minute (AOD Units)
  • All packages work on demand and do not require special controls to shut pump off when fluid line is shut off
  • Improved plate design with an inflatable wiper seal allows for faster change-out of drums
  • Packages fully assembled and tested prior to shipment
  • Packages capable of pumping from straight-sided fiber drums, chimed metal drums and tapered plastic drums

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Graco Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers

Graco’s Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers are portable, powerful and efficient solutions for heavy duty cleaning and maintenance. These washers are ideal for all types of sanitary and industrial applications including food processing, heavy-duty cleaning, maintenance, shipyards and oil rigs.

Design Features:

  • Fits most pressure, flow and material requirements
  • Use with open-head, universal drums
  • Designed to use with hot or cold water up to 200°F (93°C)
  • Spray down portability for use in sanitary applications
  • Supports multiple guns
  • Efficient cleaning with water, detergent or chemical solutions

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Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers

Graco SaniForce Elevator

The Graco SaniForce Elevator is ideal for small to medium size companies who currently unload containers by scooping or by chains & hoists. The SaniForce Elevator is used in sanitary applications to transfer low to medium viscosity fluids with SaniForce 2:1, 5:1, and 6:1 piston pumps. It is FDA-compliant and ergonomically sound. The articulating arm allows for multiple containers to be unloaded from the same location. With mobile and stationary options available, the SaniForce Elevator will save you time and money by moving material faster and more efficient.


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graco saniforce elevator