How Graco Z-Pumps Work

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January 11, 2023

How Graco Z-Pumps Work


Graco Z-Pumps

Compatible with Graco’s EFR (Electric Fixed Ratio) and HFR (Hydraulic Fixed Ratio) Meter, Mix, and Dispense Systems, Graco Z-Series Pumps can be used in an endless amount of applications that require two-component materials. The Z-Pump’s positive displacement technology produces consistent flow rates for both low and high-viscosity materials that require precise outputs.

How Does the Graco Z-Pump Work?


This animation provides a great visual of how the Z-Pump works. As the pump is stroking back and forth, the pump cavity is filled with material via a feed system. When the pump pushes forward, the inlet ball seats, the outlet ball gets pushed open and fluid flows through the crossover tube. At that time, half the material is going out to the hose that feeds the application and the other half is getting pushed in behind the piston. Once the pump retracts, the piston seal pulls the material back and pushes it out to the application feed hose. So the pump is basically dispensing half the material on the push stroke and half the material on the retract stroke while loading the cavity 100% just on the retract stroke.

This closed-loop control provides extreme accuracies, even at low flow rates and small shot sizes.

Graco Z-Pump Options:

Graco Z-Pump

The Graco Z-Series pump is also available in two options; Severe Duty and Elite:

  • Severe Duty Z-Pumps are for low or high-flow applications of non-abrasive materials like silicones, urethanes, epoxies, sealants, adhesives, and foams. These have a stainless steel or carbon steel construction with a rugged chrome plating.
  • Elite Z-Pumps offer the highest levels of durability for Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) and other abrasive materials. With wear-resistant seals and pump components, these pumps deliver the longest life and lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Other Benefits of Graco Z-Pumps:

  • Precision Machining = on-ratio performance along with multiple ratio options
  • Very consistent flow rates = precise outputs
  • Reduced service downtime with wear-resistant coatings and super easy-to-replace seals

To learn more about Graco Z-Pumps, along with EFR and HFR 2K Metering equipment, contact C.H. Reed to speak with a fluid handling specialist.

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