C.H. Reed, Inc. Acquires Ohio’s BruceAir Company

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February 22, 2017

C.H. Reed, Inc. Acquires Ohio’s BruceAir Company


C.H. Reed, Inc. Acquires Cleveland, Ohio Compressed Air Business

Based out of the Cleveland, Ohio area, BruceAir Co. has been selling, installing, and servicing compressed air systems and products to customers in the northeast Ohio region for over 30 years.  With this acquisition, C.H. Reed will be able to provide customers in this territory with unique, integrated solutions by leveraging the capabilities each product group (Compressed Air, Finishing & Fluid Handling) delivers.  BruceAir’s addition of expertise and manpower strengthens the C.H. Reed presence and solution oriented competencies in Northeast Ohio.  Bruce Bene, former owner of BruceAir, will continue his key role with the company and also assume the position of Branch Manager & Sr. Compressed Air Specialist.

Bruce Air Pic

Old – Bruce Air Building in Cleveland, Ohio

C.H. Reed - Cleveland, Ohio Quincy Compressor Distributor

New – C.H. Reed Building in Cleveland, Ohio

Moving forward, C.H. Reed, Inc. is Cleveland, Ohio’s premier Quincy Compressor distributor and service provider.

To read the full press release published in Compressed Air Best Practices, click the following link.  http://www.airbestpractices.com/technology/industry-news/ch-reed-inc-acquires-bruceair-company


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