C.H. Reed Launches New B2B E-Commerce Website

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June 26, 2024

C.H. Reed Launches New B2B E-Commerce Website


For Immediate Release: 6/26/2024

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C.H. Reed
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Hanover, PA 17331

C.H. Reed Launches New B2B E-Commerce Website

C.H. Reed Launches New B2B E-Commerce Website

Hanover, PA: Effective May 17th, 2024, C.H. Reed, a compressed air and paint finishing industrial distributor and service provider in the mid-Atlantic region, officially launched a new E-Commerce website for their customer base.  This new E-Commerce platform is greatly beneficial to existing C.H. Reed customers, especially purchasing and procurement contacts, with streamlined ordering processes and increased transparency regarding account information.

The newly implemented B2B platform allows users to log into their own account portal where they can view pertinent account information in an easy-to-use dashboard, and perform a variety of actions, including:

  • Place online orders (instead of calling or emailing)
  • Create and save shopping lists for easy repeat orders
  • Get real-time pricing specific to their C.H. Reed account
  • Check order history
  • Check statuses of orders
  • Pay invoices online
  • Easily create quotes
  • Purchase quotes from Inside Sales or quotes created on the site
  • Export data
  • And perform other actions specific to their account

The new E-Commerce website not only benefits customers, but it saves time and adds value for internal C.H. Reed Inside Sales & Customer Service personnel. The new site automates some business processes like providing users with real-time pricing, order updates, and other account information where the customer would have had to previously call in or email a C.H. Reed representative.  In addition, the new E-Commerce platform is projected to reduce operational costs, provide an enhanced personalized customer experience, and lower customer acquisition costs.

The registration and sign-up process is easy for new or existing C.H. Reed customers. Simply fill out the form located on this web page, then click Register in the bottom left corner. New shopper registrations are then sent to our internal team, who quickly process and approve them. Once approved, the registered user can then browse, check pricing, and place orders for the hundreds of thousands of compressed air, paint finishing, and fluid handling part numbers from C.H. Reed’s top brands and vendors.

To view C.H. Reed’s new B2B E-Commerce platform, visit shop.chreed.com and register your account today.

About C.H. Reed: For 75+ years, C.H. Reed has been focused on helping industrial and manufacturing businesses from all industries find and integrate value-added improvements and opportunities pertaining to their compressed air, paint finishing, and industrial pumping equipment. These improvements enhance our customer’s manufacturing processes, increase energy savings, lessen environmental impacts, increase equipment reliability & quality, decrease maintenance spend, and help boost worker safety. With in-house engineering teams, inside and outside sales teams, and factory-trained and certified service personnel, C.H. Reed is your partner for everything compressed air, paint finishing, powder coating, fluid transfer, and pumping. Contact us today to discuss your next air compressor, paint or powder finishing system, or industrial pumping project.

C.H. Reed Territory Footprint: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, southern Michigan, and New York state.

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