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March 26, 2018

C.H. Reed wins Quincy Compressor’s 2017 Toughest Application Award


C.H. Reed, Inc. is proud to have won Quincy Compressor’s Toughest Application Award for 2017.  Our team, consisting of Jim Rogers, Rob Michael, and Mike Rogers, worked with a local bakery to install a new Quincy QSI-750 Rotary Screw Air Compressor.  The customer had an older QSI-750 that they wanted to network with the new compressor. Since this feature wasn’t readily available from the manufacturer, we custom engineered an upgrade kit using an Air Logic 2 Controller for the older compressor and installed it with ICONS (Quincy’s cellular callout feature for alarms and service timers.)

When this installation was complete and the two Quincy units were networked together and communicating, the customer asked if we could do the same thing with their 150 HP backup compressor from the 90’s. We went ahead and retrofitted a kit for the 150 HP unit (again with an Air Logic 2 Controller), installed ICONs, and successfully networked it to both Quincy units. In the end, the customer is delighted to have a whole compressed air system controlled by Quincy’s Q-Control. Congratulations Jim, Rob, and Mike for achieving this award and for working together to go above and beyond for the customer.

Rob Michael (left), Jim Rogers (right), & Mike Rogers (not pictured) make up the team that helped win the Quincy Compressor “Toughest Application” award.


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