Case Study: Custom Shipping Container Compressed Air System

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April 12, 2023

Case Study: Custom Shipping Container Compressed Air System


Custom Shipping Container Compressed Air System

We recently worked with a Pennsylvania-based steel product manufacturer on another custom shipping/storage container compressed air system. Below are a few of the project’s details:
  • The customer’s primary air compressor, a competitorโ€™s brand 75 HP variable speed compressor, was no longer able to support their production demands while operating at full capacity.
  • Because of this, they were temporarily running a 100 HP rental air compressor with the 75 HP unit as a backup.
  • C.H. Reed data-logged the rental compressor and recorded the facilityโ€™s current air requirement at 227 CFM with the air compressor operating at 66% capacity.
  • With reliability and efficiency being two drivers for this customer, along with the ability to scale in the future, we recommended 2 Quincy Compressor QGV-100 Rotary Screw Compressors. This way, they had a unit for back up and could alternate run times between the two.
  • The system would also include a Quincy QPNC-530 Refrigerated Air Dryer, proper filtration, and a condensate separator sized to accommodate one air compressor.
  • One issue the customer had before starting this project was room for the new compressors. We proposed a quick and easy solution to install the new compressors in a custom, modular shipping/storage container. Not only would this save internal real estate for them, but it provides a sheltered environment for the equipment, protecting from any dust, dirt, oil, and moisture from the production process.
  • The custom modular setup would include two 20โ€™ standard height shipping containers constructed into one enclosure, two sets of barn-style access doors for easy maintenance, and all the necessary gravity dampers, exhaust fans, led lighting, electrical outlets, plugs for thermostatically controlled heaters, and ductwork.
  • Transair Compressed Air Piping was installed, interconnecting the new equipment to their existing air receiver right inside the building.
  • Along with Quincy Compressorโ€™s industry leading 10-year airend warranty for the QGV compressors, we setup Quincy ICONS monitoring system, giving them the ability to receive monthly service emails, machine service status, online performance dashboards, and service logging.
This manufacturer now has a robust, redundant, energy-efficient, and custom shipping container compressed air system that will allow them to scale as needed, with many years of continuous, trouble-free operation ahead!

Project Photos

Custom Shipping Container Compressed Air System

Finished photo of the Quincy QGV-100 Compressors inside the shipping containers


Empty Location Before

Before photo of the project’s location


Concrete pad gets poured

A concrete pad gets poured for the containers


Containers are brought in

Two shipping containers are hauled in and placed on the concrete pad


Containers Get Set in Place

The two shipping containers are placed on the concrete pad and fabricated together to form one enclosure


A look inside the empty containers

A look inside the two containers before the compressors are installed


Quincy Compressors are installed inside the containers

Both QGV-100 air compressors are installed in the enclosure


Easy barn door access for maintenance

Barn style doors make for easy access for maintenance


Air dryer and air storage located right inside the building

A new Quincy air dryer and existing air storage take are installed, along with filtration, right inside the building


Caleb Maus, our Compressed Air Specialist on this project

Caleb Maus, our Compressed Air System Specialist who headed up the job


An overhead shot of the finished, custom shipping container compressed air system

An overhead shot of the finished, custom shipping container compressed air system

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