Case Study – RTT SmartTouch Control Panels

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April 22, 2021

Case Study – RTT SmartTouch Control Panels


C.H. Reed just completed a spray booth project with a paints and coatings manufacturer for their new test lab. Initially, the customer wanted us to install three standard bench booths in the lab. As the conversation developed, the scope of the job did as well. Below are additional requirements the customer wanted us to implement:

  • A quantity of three 4’ wide x 7’ high bench booths.
  • LED Lights.
  • Fold-down table top for ease of filter changes.
  • Two-Stage exhaust filtration.
  • Control capabilities where they would be able to set the face velocity of the spray booth, but is password protected.
  • Control capabilities that would monitor the face velocity of the spray booth and increase the fan speed as filters get dirty.
  • Control capabilities that would monitor dirty filters with a visual light tree and would shut the booth down if filters needed to be changed.

With these specific bullet points in mind, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce RTT Engineered Solutions‘ new SmartTouch Control Panel. SmartTouch Control Panels offer flexible inputs and outputs allowing for reconfigurations as booth operations change. So when filters get dirty, the fan speed automatically increases. The control panel also displays static pressure readings on the screen. This data can be exported and used to set limits on filter changes. The customer can also easily schedule preventative maintenance by utilizing built-in hour meters that monitor each critical device in the system. Lastly, RTT SmartTouch Control Panels can connect to a local area network, so the customer can utilize the SmartConnect app to remotely monitor booth status from any Android, Apply, or PC device.

If you have a paint spray booth or oven project in the works, or would like to learn more about C.H. Reed’s Finishing and Fluid Handling capabilities or RTT SmartTouch Control Panels, simply contact us today to start the conversation. We serve Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and Southern New York.

Project Pictures

A picture of RTT Bench Spray Booths

Customer RTT Bench Spray Booths by C.H. Reed

A picture of Dual filters with fold-down tabletop

Dual filter setup with fold-down tabletop for easy filter changes.

A picture of RTT SmartTouch Control Panel

RTT SmartTouch Control Panel

A picture of RTT SmartTouch Control Panel Color Touch Screen

RTT SmartTouch Control Panel Color Touch Screen

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