Case Study: Shipping Container Air Compressor Project

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October 18, 2021

Case Study: Shipping Container Air Compressor Project


This Ohio-based meat processing plant was in need of a module compressed air solution where they could easily move the system to different parts of the plant, as well as their other facilities as needed. Having worked on several mobile compressed air system projects for customers in the past, C.H. Reed was up for the task!

This customer had an air requirement of 1269 CFM @ 110 PSI.  To meet these demands, we recommended Quincy Compressor’s QSI 1250 Rotary Screw Air Compressor. This unit comes with a modulating inlet valve and is capable of continuously producing 1269 CFM @ 110 PSI. Our integrated solution also came with a properly sized Quincy QPNC Refrigerated Air Dryer for continuous dry air and a QMF Coalescing Filter which will help remove oil vapor and small particles from the system, protecting both the dryer as well as downstream applications.

These components were installed in a cold-weather, climate-controlled 40’L x 8’W x 9’6″H shipping container. The container had multiple access doors created for maintenance purposes, as well as convenience outlets should they be needed. Exhaust ductwork was installed, in addition to exhaust fans for summer cooling, and a heater and heat scavenging for colder months. We also controlled the vibration of the large compressor inside the container by utilizing isolation pads. Lastly, this module has a 3″ air outlet to easily connect to the facility.

This customer is happy to now have a reliable, protected, and mobile compressed air system that they can take wherever it is needed.

Below is a series of pictures that follow the timeline of the project, from the delivery of the container and equipment to assembly and the final product. If you have a compressed air project in the pipeline, our Compressed Air System Specialists are ready to help you meet your goals. Simply contact us to start the conversation.

Shipping Container Delivery for Compressed Air Project

Quincy Compressor QSI 1250 Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Quincy QSI 1250 Rotary Screw Compressor Install

Air Compressor and Dryer Install in Shipping Container

Quincy Compressor QSI 1250 Air Compressor Installed in a Shipping Container

Quincy Compressor Shipping Container Install

Side View of Compressor Install in a Shipping Container

Shipping Container Quincy Compressor QSI 1250

Quincy Compressor QPNC 1250 Refrigerated Air Dryer inside a Shipping Container

C.H. Reed Shipping Container Compressor Job Electrical Panels

Shipping Container Air Compressor Exhaust Vents

Shipping Container Air Compressor Project Fan

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