Compressed Air System Case Study – Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturer

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February 27, 2019

Compressed Air System Case Study – Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturer


Quincy Compressor QGDV-30 Rotary Screw Air Compressor

This local Pennsylvania manufacturer was in the process of moving half of their facility to another location. Prior to the move, their compressed air system consisted of a 60 HP variable speed compressor that provided 302 CFM. The maximum load on the previous compressor was 55% (166 CFM). After a quick walk-through of the area of their plant that was moving locations, we determined the actual air requirement would be approximately 100 CFM.  With plans to increase production to meet future demands, we opted to go with an energy efficient, 30 HP variable speed compressor that provides 141 CFM at 125 PSI.  (The competition simply quoted them 50 HP and 60 HP units without even looking at their load profile.)

The installation consisted of a Quincy QGDV-30 tank-mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressor, a BEKO DRYPOINT RA non-cycling refrigerated air dryer, Advant Air Filters, a 400-gallon storage tank to help lower energy costs, zero air loss drains, and a flow control regulator. The system was piped together using 40 mm Transair Aluminum Compressed Air Piping. C.H. Reed’s Service Department also installed and set up Quincy ICONS monitoring system, so we receive monthly service emails, machine service status, an online performance dashboard, and data logging. This allows C.H. Reed and the customer to receive service notifications to quickly identify any issues or problems, if and when one arises. Lastly, we helped them secure an energy rebate of $1,500 using their new variable speed compressor and zero air loss drains.

Quincy Compressed Air System   Compressed Air Storage Tank   Beko Refrigerated Air Dryer   Advant Air Compressed Air Filters

With all the equipment being stocked in our Hanover, PA facility, we were able to complete this compressed air system installation, cradle to grave, within the short deadline given by the customer. In the end, this manufacturer is happy to have a reliable, energy efficient compressed air system that’s ready for future growth.

If you have an upcoming compressed air project, eliminate the guess-work, contact C.H. Reed and start the conversation today!

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