Air Treatment Equipment

From refrigerated and desiccant dryers to mist eliminators, flow controllers, and filters, C.H. Reed provides the latest air treatment equipment technologies that produce operating cost savings, performance, and reliability to keep your system running efficiently.


Compressed air has been considered the fourth utility, and is used in almost all industrial applications. In order for compressed air to be an effective utility, it must be free of contaminants. Contaminants include solids, liquids and gases. Untreated compressed presents the risk of either damaging the air system or the end use product. See how C.H. Reed and Quincy air treatment equipment can help you save.


ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions is a leading manufacturer and provider of compressed air treatment equipment. They manufacture a complete line of refrigerated dryers and desiccant dryers as well as filters, compressed air system controllers, and accessories.


Hankison is an industrial products group with a global reputation in the compressed air treatment industry for their ability to provide customers with the latest technologies that produce superior results.  Their products deliver sustainable solutions for air treatment applications that increase customer productivity and savings in energy.  To learn more about their product offerings, click on the PDF links attached to each product.


BEKO Technologies develops, engineers, and manufactures advanced technologies dedicated to enhancing compressed air quality for manufacturers all around the globe.  BEKO’s Air Treatment Equipment is designed to optimize a machines, plants, and systems, resulting in better performance and greater reliability, less energy usage, reduced pollution, and improved working conditions.


Nano-Purification Solutions

Nano-Purification Solutions is a world-class manufacturer of state-of-the-art compressed air treatment equipment ranging from filtration technologies, nitrogen generation, to breathing air equipment.  With Nano’s compressed air solutions and C.H. Reed’s industry experience, you can rest assured that by partnering with C.H. Reed, your facility’s air quality will meet & exceed ISO compressed air quality standards.