Industrial Vacuum Pumps & Increased Energy Efficiencies

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March 15, 2016

Industrial Vacuum Pumps & Increased Energy Efficiencies


Industrial vacuum pumps eliminate gases from enclosed areas for the purpose of creating a vacuum. They are used for a variety of applications (holding, lifting, moving, shaping, forming, preserving, clean environment requirements, etc.) throughout a number of different industries. There are many different types of vacuum pump systems, all of which work a little differently.

Quincy Compressor, an industry leader in industrial vacuum technologies, has just launched an innovative piece of equipment that delivers the exact amount of performance your process demands. The Quincy QSV Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump has a variable speed drive with set-point control, features not normally found on industrial vacuum pumps. Set-point control allows the operator to optimize the energy used to maintain the process vacuum level, in so doing, boosting process efficiencies and performance.

The below graphical representation shows that the need for vacuum fluctuates depending on different factors like time of day, week, or even month. Quincy’s extensive research and field studies of demand profiles show that there are many variants with regards to the demand needed. As you can see with the QSV (right), the minimum amount of flow is delivered to match the required vacuum level or speed, cutting the energy costs by roughly 50% compared to a fixed speed unit.


QSV Energy Savings 2QSV Energy Savings

Quincy_QSV-930_Vacuum_PumpThere are endless, enhanced benefits and robust features that the QSV Series offers aside from boosted energy efficiencies:

  • Extended life cycles and lower costs to ownerships.
  • Optimal flexibility and versatility.
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring & integrated plant management system = downloadable, logged service data.
  • Plug-and-play installation – Quick, neat, and easy.
  • Very low noise levels & market leading oil retention = cleaner working environment
  • Quincy’s industry leading 10 year Royal Blue Warranty included with the QSV.


To learn more about specific applications and benefits of the Quincy QSV Series Variable Speed, Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump, contact C.H. Reed to speak with a technical support professional.


Sources: Quincy Compressor

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