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June 20, 2018

Meter, Mix, and Dispense Case Study


This customer needed a custom solution for an application that, in the end, could accurately portion and distribute small, precise shots of liquid.  The Engineered Systems team at C.H. Reed fabricated a custom Graco 1052 Dispensit Valve with positive displacement metering rod.  The Graco 1052 Dispensit Valve is a pneumatically-controlled valve with micrometer adjustable dispense volumes for accurate, repeatable shot dispensing. The liquid flows through the (yellow) needle with a rate that is adjustable in both pressure and volume.

How It Works:

  1. Fill Mode: The shuttle spool is positioned to open the inlet port while isolating the outlet port. Material enters the metering chamber as the metering rod retracts.
  2. Dispense Ready: The spool is positioned to connect the metering chamber to the outlet port providing a material flow path to the dispense needle(s). The shuttle valve also obstructs the material flow path from the inlet port.
  3. Dispense Mode: The metering rod is extended into the metering chamber to displace the material. Total volume dispensed is a function of rod size and shot size setting from micrometer stroke adjustment. Upon completion of the dispense stroke, the metering rod and spool shift back to the reload position and starts the process over again, delivering the exact amount of liquid each and every time.


Conclusively, this customer now has full control over the dispensed amounts of liquid, as it may vary during different project ventures.  They simply adjust the micrometer setting to the exact gram needed for their application(s) and can trust that they will receive consistent, accurate results.  For more information on C.H. Reed’s Engineered Systems Department (or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a complete analysis of your system) contact us today.




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