New Electric UniDrum Bulk Unloaders from Graco

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July 6, 2022

New Electric UniDrum Bulk Unloaders from Graco


Graco’s UniDrum Bulk Supply Pumping Systems maximize drum transfer efficiency and minimize change-over times when transferring sealants, adhesives, and other abrasive materials to industrial metering and dispensing systems. Previously, UniDrum Systems were only available with air-powered, pneumatic pumps to transfer materials.

Now, Graco’s UniDrum System is available with E-Flo SP electric supply pumps, offering a whole new level of intelligence, control, accuracy, and performance.

Graco Electric UniDrumBenefits of Graco’s Electric UniDrum System

As the only bulk drum supply powered by electric pumps, Graco’s UniDrum system with E-Flo pumps furthers factory electrification to support clean energy initiatives following the trends of reducing compressed air-driven equipment and lowering energy footprints.  Other benefits include:

  • Real-time, integrated closed-loop flow control. This is the first time this kind of efficiency has been available in a bulk unloader. Pneumatic pumps are “constant pressure systems”, which take much more energy to operate.
  • Electric motors are much quieter than pneumatic pumps. This means you can place the supply closer to where you want to use it. The closer the proximity, the less pressure is needed to accurately meter and dispense materials.
  • Integrated control of the E-Flo pumps lets users know how much work has been done by the pump, which can help prevent unplanned downtime/maintenance.
  • You can coordinate multiple loads to evenly distribute load and reduce wear, helping you lower maintenance costs.
  • Smooth and rapid changeovers offer consistent flow and improve the overall quality of dispensed materials.
  • E-Flo pumps simply improve accuracy, productivity, and throughput, reducing your overall costs of ownership.

To learn more about Graco’s E-Flo electric pumps, check out this video: Graco E-Flo Electric Pump

To inquire about the Graco Electric UniDrum Bulk Unloading System, simply contact C.H. Reed to speak with a specialist!

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