Paint Finishing Case Study – Metal Product Manufacturer

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May 13, 2020

Paint Finishing Case Study – Metal Product Manufacturer


Customer’s Issues:

This metal product manufacturer was experiencing issues regarding costly product returns and rework. They were outsourcing their I-beam paint finishing process to a third-party contractor, who struggled to keep up with demand. Ultimately, proper paint specifications were not being met. After evaluating a variety of factors and comparing the total costs associated with outsourcing their painting process vs. painting in-house, they decided to invest in their own equipment. That’s where C.H. Reed comes in.

C.H. Reed Solution:

After working with the customer, listening to their issues, and conducting a facility walk-through, we came up with a solution that would not only help streamline production but would be easy to use and completely adjustable for varying product sizes. The system consisted of a built-in conveyor (that the customer fabricated themselves), a Graco wall-mounted 47:1 King Pump with six automatic air-assisted G40 paint spray guns, and a manually operated control panel. To power this paint spray system, we also installed a Quincy QGD-25 rotary screw air compressor with all the proper filtration components.

End Result:

In the end, this customer now has a reliable painting system that is easy to use and completely flexible. They no longer worry about material coming back not painted; saving them time and money, and most importantly, saving them from lost opportunities and dissatisfied customers due to sub-par paint finish qualities.



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