Quincy Compressor Launches New QGV and QSI 150, 175, 200

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March 30, 2020

Quincy Compressor Launches New QGV and QSI 150, 175, 200


New Quincy QSI and QGV

Earlier this month, Quincy Compressor launched their new line of QGV & QSI 150, 175, and 200 HP rotary screw air compressors. What’s really cool about the new QGV-175 (994 CFM @ 100 PSI) is that it produces more air with less power compared to the Legacy QGV-200 (976 CFM @ 100 PSI). Overall, Quincy’s goals with the launch of these new ranges are to reduce risks, reduces costs, and increase simplicity for end-users. Some notable highlights for this new range can be found below:

  • Reliability:
    • Exclusive Q-Airend for 100K hours and flex drivetrain
    • Hot-Side Control – Protects the airend from low load and high humidity
  • Total Cost of Ownership:
    • The new Q-Airend features exclusive bearings and oil channels to allow 10+ years of operation without the need to replace the bearings
    • Designed for easier and faster maintenance (hinged doors, detachable panels, swing-out separator lid, cooler slide rail, oil sampling need valve, etc.)
    • Long consumable life: 4K hour inlet filter / 8K hour oil filter / 8K hour separator
    • 5 to 18% efficiency gains
    • ½ the oil capacity – New QSI-200 takes 23 gallons vs old QSI-1000 46 gallons (that’s a couple of thousand dollars in oil savings a year)
  • Unit conversion based on CFM:
    • Old QSI-675/750 = New QSI-150
    • Old QSI-925/1000 = New QSI-200
    • Old QGV-150 = New QGV-150
    • Old QGV-200 = New QGV-175
    • Old QSI-1175 @100PSI = New QGV-200
  • Standard Features Include:
    • Canopy
    • TEFC Drive Motor
    • Q-Airend (100K+ bearing life)
    • Flexible gearbox with drive coupling
    • High-dust inlet filter
    • Power outage restart
    • NEMA 1 electrical enclosure
    • Q-Control touch with ICONS
    • Phase monitor
    • Oversized coolers
    • Premium centrifugal blower fans
    • Royal Blue 10 Year Warranty

To learn more about the new Quincy QGV & QSI 150, 175, and 200 HP rotary screw air compressors, including additional options, specs, and key features, contact C.H. Reed today!



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