Quincy ICONS Air Compressor Connectivity

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April 21, 2020

Quincy ICONS Air Compressor Connectivity


What is Quincy ICONS?Quincy Compressor ICONS

Quincy Compressor’s ICONS is an intelligent data monitoring connectivity system for your air compressor. It enables you to proactively plan service and maintenance by remotely monitoring how your air compressor is performing. It is fully customizable to your specific operation, compliance, and monitoring needs; offering your company complete insight of your compressed air production.  ICONS connectivity allows you to stay one step ahead, helping prevent breakdowns before disaster strikes and production stops.

What are the Benefits of Quincy ICONS?

With Quincy ICONS connectivity system, there is no need for service logbooks or regular visits to your compressor room. With the click of a mouse, you and C.H. Reed’s Service Department can see the service status and performance of your compressor online. It’s a fast and easy way to reduce administrative costs, view real-time data, plan service & maintenance, reduce overall energy costs with your system, and monitor compressor productivity 24/7.

Quincy ICONS Connectivity

A Common Scenario

When compressors are not serviced routinely, energy consumption rises by an average of 8%. To further compound loss; breakdown risk increases by 18%, which leads to 16 days of downtime, on average. With ICONS installed, this can be prevented as you can monitor your productivity in real-time, guaranteeing the proper service intervals on time, every time.

Contact C.H. Reed to Get ICONS Installed on Your Compressor

The best part is C.H. Reed’s controls team can install Quincy ICONS on a wide array of air compressor brands and sizes. You do not need to own a Quincy air compressor to experience the profitable benefits that ICONS can provide. If you’re located in the mid-Atlantic region, primarily PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, OH, and southern NY, our team can help you get connected. Unsure if your compressed air system is compatible? Have basic questions about Quincy ICONS? Want to learn more about C.H. Reed’s compressed air controls capabilities? Simply contact us today to start the conversation!



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