Benefits of Electric Diaphragm Pumps

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August 8, 2022

Benefits of Electric Diaphragm Pumps


Sometimes called membrane pumps, double diaphragm pumps rely on positive displacement to work. Through positive displacement, the pump moves fluids into an enclosed chamber. Once there’s enough fluid in the chamber, the pump displaces the fluid when it reciprocates.

Double diaphragm pumps have two chambers so that while fluid is pushed out of the first chamber, it’s filling up the second. The process then repeats, with fluid leaving the second chamber and filling up the first one. Diaphragm pumps can be pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric-powered, and each option has its advantages. However, as technologies continue to advance around electric-powered pumps, they pose many benefits over air or hydraulic pumps.

What Is an Electric Diaphragm Pump?

An electric diaphragm pump is a double diaphragm pump with an electric drive motor attached. The electric drive powers the pumping action instead of compressed air used in pneumatic pumps or fluid used in hydraulic pumps.

How do Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps Work?

Electric diaphragm pumps typically have a cam and roller system built into the center section, which produces a linear back-and-forth motion. The center section also has an air pressure charge (usually 10 psi higher than the fluid pressure at the outlet of the pump) that helps produce this left/right motion. This forces liquid out of one chamber and into the outlet manifold while filling the other fluid chamber via the inlet manifold. When this changeover happens, the fluid section that was filled on the previous shift empties into the outlet manifold and then fills the opposite chamber via the inlet manifold. The smooth changeover allows for a greatly reduced pulsation at the outlet of the pump compared to air-powered units.

The typical pressure range of an electric diaphragm pump is a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 100 psi.

Electric Diaphragm Pump Benefits

Electric Diaphragm Pump Benefits

While air-operated diaphragm pumps remain popular for use with abrasive or corrosive fluids, electric diaphragm pumps have become increasingly popular. They offer many of the same benefits of air-operated pumps, plus a few extra.

  • Self-priming: Double diaphragm pumps are self-priming, meaning they have fluid inside that helps minimize air pockets and increase operational efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient: Electric diaphragm pumps are up to 80% more energy-efficient than air-operated pumps, making them way less costly to run.
  • Ideal for a range of materials: The design of double diaphragm pumps makes them ideal for use with viscous, corrosive or volatile fluids. Thanks to their fluid pumping process, the pumps can also handle materials with small solids.
  • Ability to Stall Under Pressure: As soon as fluid pressure exceeds the charged air pressure in the center of the pump, the diaphragm locks in. This helps prevent pump failures from clogged lines or closed valves.
  • Quiet operation: The attached motor means that electric diaphragm pumps operate much more quietly than air-operated pumps, which can be noisy due to the airflow.

C.H. Reed Offers Electric Diaphragm Pump Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Whether you need to move paint, food products, or cosmetic products, we can help you identify the correct type and size of pump you need for your specific application. With industry-leading partners like Graco and Carlisle Fluid Technologies, we have the knowledge and expertise you need to move any type of fluid, thin to thick. We also provide a wide range of maintenance, repair, and rebuild services for all types of industrial pumps.  Contact us today to start the conversation.

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