New High-Flow Plural Component Technology from Graco

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June 7, 2017

New High-Flow Plural Component Technology from Graco


Recently, Graco announced the release of a new plural component technology that combines their popular XP Sprayer with their robust XL 10000 air motor.  By combining these two technologies, the new XP-hf Plural Component Sprayer packs a powerful punch.  You get more flow – allowing you to get jobs done faster with less wear and tear on the equipment.  Ideal applications include railcar coatings, tank linings, shipbuilding, and any job that requires high flow or demanding duty cycles.

  • Increase Productivity & Labor Savings: With 60% more flow than the existing* XP Sprayers and the ability to use larger tips or run more than one gun off one system you can get jobs done faster. *Running at same cycle rate.
  • Save Time: Pre-wired packages with heaters and junction box means less hassle and faster set up time.
  • Ease of Service: The Xtreme® metering pumps with quick knock-down makes it easy to service; built in fluid filter and spring loaded lower ball checks for crisp changeover. The mechanically operated sprayer is easier to understand
  • Improved Spray Pattern: Viscosity control with Viscon® HF Fluid Heaters improves spray pattern and film thickness control. Viscon HF heaters (5400 W) are 3x less restrictive than Viscon HP with removable, cleanable aluminum core – making it ideal for high demand applications.

Hear what this Graco customer had to say…


The XP-hf is available in two models, XP70-hf and XP50-hf, at mix ratios of 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, and 4:1. Packages with high flow Viscon HF Fluid Heaters and the recently released PressureTrak Ratio Assurance kit for hazardous locations.

  • XP70-hf = 7,250 psi, flow rate at 40 cpm is approximately 3 gpm
  • XP50-hf = 5,000 psi, flow rate at 40 cpm is approximately 4 gpm

If you would like to learn more about the Graco XP-hf Sprayer and how it can help you increase productivity, contact C.H. Reed to speak with a finishing specialist.

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