Shipping Container Compressed Air Systems

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August 30, 2022

Shipping Container Compressed Air Systems


Shipping Container Compressed Air Systems

Shipping Container Compressed Air Systems

A common problem that we continue to run into at customer locations is a lack of available space for compressed air equipment upgrades and additions. Long story short, internal real estate is a hot commodity!

A quick and easy solution to offset this issue is to install the new compressed air system into a modular shipping/storage container. Shipping container compressed air systems can be modified into a cold-weather, climate-controlled space for your new equipment without taking up unnecessary room inside your facility.

Beyond just saving space, there is a multitude of benefits to container compressed air systems:

  • Harsh Environments – By installing your new compressed air system in an enclosed container, you protect it from the dust, dirt, oils, and moisture generated by different manufacturing processes. This provides clean, dry air for your system and prolongs the life and reliability of your investment.
  • Turn-Key, Mobile Compressed Air – These shipping and storage containers can fit multiple compressors, dryers, filters, ductwork, exhaust fans, and easily connectable air outlets; giving you a complete, mobile, turn-key compressed air system that you can take anywhere.
  • Permits (Usually) Not Required – In most cases, permits are not required to install a compressed air system into a shipping container at your facility. This makes the installation and start-up a breeze. However, this all depends on where you’re located and it is recommended that you do the necessary research with your local zoning ordinance.
  • Easy Access for Maintenance – These container systems can be modified to include easy access doors exactly where compressor maintenance needs to be performed. Also, service technicians won’t even have to go inside your building to maintain the system.

Shipping Container Compressed Air SystemsContainer Compressed Air Case Study

C.H. Reed works with a wide array of different manufacturing companies from different industries and has years of experience in tailoring solutions for container air systems. This case study takes a look at a container project that we did for an Ohio-based meat processing plant. Click here to view the case study.

If you’re interested in learning more about shipping container compressed air systems that can save you space and provide a clean environment for your equipment, contact C.H. Reed today!

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